Nematode photos


NemAfrica is the joint nematology research unit of IITA and ICIPE in Nairobi, Kenya. We work on nematode problems in SSA and improve crop health to contribute for better livelihoods of smallholders.

The picture shows Dr. Daniel Coyne wearing our nematology mask.

As I lead the coffee nematode project, I introduce my team and our activities on coffee here but if you want to know more about our other research activities please follow us on Twitter @NemAfrica

The coffee team enjoying Nyama-Choma. From left to right: Celestine Oduori (MSc student of University of Nairobi), myself, and Wanjara Situma (Intern at IITA).

Celestine collecting soil samples at a coffee field.

Our bioagent applications. Dilute bioagents in 20L of water and drench over a tree trunk.

Meloiodgyne spp on coffee is much neglected here in Kenya but this nematode pest surely contributes for the recent nationwide decline in coffee yields.

Stitching imaging

Stitching imaging allows to “stitch” multiple images at high resolution.

Aggregative behaviour of Pratylenchus spp.

I find their aggregative behaviour very fascinating. Pratylenchus spp. can be easily grown on a tissue culture, so that allows us to observe their behaviour easier than in vivo.

Yellowing by Pratylenchus penetrans on pea in Wisconsin

Photocredit. Dr. Ann E. MacGuidwin

Pratylenchus spp. is the third most economically important neamtode pathogen, and yet their damage potential is not well studied for many crops. This picture clealy indicates the impact of the neamtode on crop health!