Nematode photos

I like to post beautiful neamtode pictures I have taken. Hope you will love them!


Stiching image of Pratylenchus fallax

I love nematode stiching images.

Yellowing by Pratylenchus penetrans on pea in Wisconsin

Photocredit. Dr. Ann E. MacGuidwin Pratylenchus spp. is the third most economically important neamtode pathogen, and yet their damage potential is not well studied for many crops. This picture clealy indicates the impact of the neamtode on crop health!

Aggregative behaviour of Pratylenchus spp.

I am always fascinated by their aggregative behaviour. They are so simple and yet very sophisticated animals. They look like nematode spaghetti.

Lab picture - UF

This is not really a nematode photo, but this is a picture of me with other lab members in UF at a home party five years ago. The most left Asian girl in the picture is me, and the only man in the picture is my M.S. advisor, Dr. Dickson. I learned so much about nematology from him. There is Dr. Janete, who is an amazing nematologist and wife of Dr. Dickson, in the picture as well (a lady with lovely curly hair).