M.S. Projects

Investigation of Belonolaumus longicaudatus on peanut in Florida

(Kutsuwa et al. 2015.)

This was my M.S. project at the University of Florida, adviced by Dr. Dickson. Sting nematode, Belonolaimus longicaudatus is the most damaging nematode pest on turfgrass. We found this neamtode on peanut for the first time in Florida.

Sting neamtode induce yellowing and stunting. This is especially prominent at early maturity stages of peanuts.

The infected roots are abbreviated, which makes impossible for plants to take up nutrients and water, thus the aboveground shows nutrient deficiency like symptoms.

The nematode also feeds on pods and pegs. You can see their feeding sites as punctuated dark circles on pods and pegs.

Ph.D. projects

Once the manuscripts are accepted, I will post descriptions of my Ph.D. projects with publications here…

First report of Pratylenchus fallax on soybean in Wisconsin

Published Online:12 Apr 2019

This publication reported Pratylenchus fallax for the first time on soybean in Wisconsin. Also, it offered the first molecular information of the species in the USA.

First report of Pratylenchus alleni on soybean in Wisconsin

Published Online:22 Apr 2019